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Our team specializes in manual Facebook like promotion. This means no bots, no fake accounts, no software,

and nothing that will get you in trouble with Facebook. Best of all, all of our packages are backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Real Facebook Likes (Facebook Pages)

Answers to Common Questions

Question: Are these real Facebook likes?

Answer: Yes! Real people from around the world who decide to like your fan page will like it - all we do is put it in front of their eyes! We stop promoting your page once we have reached the amount of likes that we have promised.

Question: What will this do for my page?

Answer: Our promotion services are an excellent way to get the ball rolling on your Facebook fan page; they have been proven to increase user activity, help increase your Facebook Reach, benefit business/brand reputation, and even turn into sales.

4 Reasons to Try Us Out

Reason #1: It's inexpensive Your average Facebook Ads budget is $500 a month. Our smallest package is $3.50; that’s around half a penny per like. Just give us a try!

Reason #2: Real Likes The likes that your page will be receiving are real human visitors that are interested in your page. Why would anyone pay for fake likes?

Reason #3: Brand Would you buy from a company with 0 Facebook likes? 10? What about 1000? It’s subliminal almost; more likes means more popularity!

Reason #4: Social Signals It’s proven; social signals like Facebook likes are proven to increase your Google rankings, which helps increase your organic traffic and sales.

Not Convinced?

If you’re not quite ready to pull the trigger on one of our packages, send us an email from our contact page. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.